Calmag CalSoft M Metered Water Softener & 22mm High Flow Kit - CALSOFTM

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Calmag CalSoft M Improved Metered Water Softener & 22mm High Flow Kit

This CalSoft product is an electrical water softener that works by only regenerating once a preset level of water has passed through it. This makes it one of the most economical softeners available. Water softeners are really the only solution to combat limescale problems in hard water areas. Ion exchange is a simple the process whereby calcium (limescale) is replaced by sodium (salt) in your water. This creates soft water.

CalSoft in Detail

CalSoft Metered has been designed to be suitable for both 15mm and 22mm installations. It is also compatible with combination boilers, and eliminates the risk of home owners purchasing a water softener that cannot deliver their soft water needs.

Calsoft Metered is as easy to install as a washing machine and comes with no flashing lights, digits or confusing programmes. CalSoft Metered has been designed to fit under a single kitchen cupboard. All the unit requires is an inlet, outlet, drain, overflow and power supply.

Water travels through the inlet and to the bottom of the resin tank. It is then forced through the resin bed and calcium (limescale) particles are exchanged with sodium (salt) particles that are held on the resin beads. The softened water then passes through the outlet and supplies your home with limescale free, softened water.


Fully automatic and metered – only regenerates when required.
Low salt consumption – up to 60% saving against conventional softeners.
Low water usage – up to 80% saving against conventional softeners.
Designed to use the exact amount of salt.
No programming required.
High flow rate capabilities.
Suitable for all types of plumbing systems.
Can use tablet, granular or block salt.
Ergonomically designed cabinet and hood.
Delayed regeneration.
Stores data in the event of a power cut.
Learns and remembers your water usage – saves on salt and water.
Uses food grade monospheric high capacity resin – unique.
Proportional brining only regenerates the resin that has been used.
5 year parts guarantee and 12 months labour guarantee.
National distribution network through plumbers merchants.
Removes existing scale.

Calmag Calsoft M Improved Metered Water Softener & 22mm High Flow Kit


Height: 595mm
Width: 280mm
Depth: 475mm
Colour: Blue
Material: Polypropylene - reinforced
Max Pressure: If over 5 bar, fit Pressure Limiting Valve.
Min Pressure: 1.8 bar
Salt used per regeneration: 900g
Water used per regeneration: 70 litres
Electrical rating: 13A socket 24v 50Hz

Flow rates
Standard 15mm installation hoses: 30 l/min
22mm high flow installation hoses: 70 l/min

Pressure drops
30 litres/minute: 0.2 bar
50 litres/minute: 0.5 bar
70 litres/minute: 1.0 bar

Inlet/Outlet connections: 3/4" BSP
Salt storage capacity: 16kg

5 year parts and labour warranty